NetSuite OneWorld: Global Business Management Made Easy

Edward Norton Lorenz, might have had butterflies in his stomach the day he attempted to describe his version of the chaos theory. Just possibly this brilliant mathematician and meteorologist secretly wanted to be an Entomologist instead, but perhaps in his youth his parents forbade him from playing with he creepy crawlies in the yard. As an adult, he found a way to fight back by using the term “The Butterfly Effect” to describe how small changes that may or might not seem related can affect the large picture.

Maybe it bugged him at night thinking about how a small creature can ultimately change the course of history. He used “The Butterfly Theory” to suggest that the wing movement from a butterfly’s wings in South America could affect the weather in Texas.  He insected…insisted that the tiniest influence on one part of a system can create a huge effect on a different part.

A deeper understanding would describe that the butterfly effect the chaos in the world. One  winged insect can ultimately cause the entire world’s destruction with one wing flap. Could you imagine what a hummingbird could do at 52 wing beats per second? It’s amazing the planet is still here.

Thankfully the world is still round and around, and there is no need to fear a butterfly. Hummingbird though… the jury’s still out on. With NetSuite OneWorld you to can expand your business globally without the chaos. With NetSuite OneWorld, your company can manage multiple locations, locally or abroad without breaking a sweat.

NetSuite OneWorld handles many of the mind boggling problems that may arise when conducting business in other countries. Can your current software convert money from Euro, to Pesos, to Yin then to American dollars seamlessly?  NetSuite OneWorld can. NetSuite OneWorld manages your operations globally and locally with multi-currency, real-time financial consolidation. You can see the bottom line without days of preparation.

Language barrier? Again not a problem. Ecommerce with NetSuite gives you the ability to communicate with multi-language web stores. Best of all everything can be managed from a NetSuite system. Just add a computer and Internet and your on your way to global success.