MS Dynamics GP ideal for analyzing 'structured and unstructured' data.

Business owners may be the first to admit they continually collect and store data without any inter-connectivity among files and documents. Consequently, if a company has numerous PCs or branch office networks, data may reside in a jungle of isolated silos.

What’s more, when it comes time to analyzing all of the data sets—and if they are not using the latest ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP—the outcomes can be marginal at best.

Deciphering ‘big data.’

For many small to mid-sized businesses, the prevailing view is that the interpretation of Big Data is a process reserved for large enterprises. After all, they have the budgets high-end computers and customized software.

But with today’s ERP software, like MS Dynamics GP, the analysis of structured and unstructured data is possible for most any-size business or organization…and at a nominal cost.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM software

Without the use of a powerful ERP platforms, like MS Dynamics GP, businesses are not really ‘analyzing’ their data at all. Consequently, they can miss many opportunities derived from outcomes like predictive analysis.

As noted on the Information Management website:

“In a lot of companies with IT staff, and with the focus centered more on using ERP/CRM software to find value in their data, businesses are not having to use IT to help them. In fact, according to Information Management, this amounts to about ⅓ of the time… I see an emerging, collaborative dialog emerging between the business leaders and IT…” Paul Gittins, Information Management.

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Written By D.K. (Technical Team)


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