Microsoft Dynamics SL and EDI: a one-two punch for streamlining business processes.

Today’s global, eCommerce businesses generally rely on an extensive list of trading partners that include the customer, vendors and suppliers to keep the product line—and revenue—flowing efficiently.

The backbone of this alliance, of course, is not only an excellent tracking and customer relationship management system (CRM), but a superb accounting platform integrated with the latest technology, like electronic data interchange (EDI) and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Simply put, companies with such EDI capabilities are a step ahead of those competitors still grappling with manual data entries, currency conversions, and document translations. Dynamics SL and EDI  translation software create needed document files; establishes security authentication and schedules remote communications needed to process batch files, send electronic invoices or  advance shipment notices to established partners.

As a Microsoft Gold certified Partner, we provide a proven end-to-end format fully integrated with an EDI system to streamline and automate business processes throughout the company. What’s more, Dynamics SL/E-commerce integration is completely scalable. Purchase users in single increments and more as your business expands.

Known as a project-based ERP platform, Dynamics SL is ideal for small-and medium-size businesses. If your organization is categorized as a distribution firm, then Dynamics SL helps monitor inventory, billing, receiving while offering an array of sales backup solutions.

Speedier order-handling enhances customer relationships and removes old impediments  (manual entries in Excel, for example) that increases sales opportunities and better cash flows.

Let us help you decide which Dynamics software is best suited for your business. We offer many subscription options as well as a quick licensing process. Contact us for more information.