Microsoft Dynamics GP: A good solution for your 'business improvement strategy.'

Every since the Great Recession of 2008, businesses remain focused on cost-cutting and finding ways to be more innovative in the marketplace.

In the past, the ‘innovation’ certainly came more slowly as companies relied on their legacy programs to help them analyze the reams of data becoming available to them through social media networks and more powerful software tools.

No doubt, companies are best served when they sign-on to  business improvement strategies aimed at increasing efficiencies in areas like the accounting department.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the necessary tools to bring more transparency and integration to all departments.

Maybe the ‘new’ way of doing business is conducting it on the road, in the field or from a home office. Old programs were known to create bottlenecks because of inaccurate entries, and slow data input.

With Excel, for example, too much time can be spent searching for incomplete data, or formulas that ‘dead end’ as well as a host of other entry and reporting problems.

But when that program first came out back in 1993, it was thought to be wholly reliable for error-free and quick computational results. Back then, ‘automated’ meant filling in grids of cells, rows and columns and carrying the results forward to an choice of visuals.

Deploying the Dynamics GP platform ensures a new benchmark of accounting efficiency:

  • Minimal entry errors in credit-debit columns, thanks to internal controls to check data.
  • Automates ledger/journal postings
  • Entries carry forward to other sheets versus manual entries on many worksheets—plus manually manipulating formulas when needed.

Better quality control is a natural outcome through using Microsoft Dynamics GP software, providing users on-premise, or mobile access to collaborate with company members.

Contact us to learn more about the pricing options, as well as service-after-the-sale such as implementation and deployment. The Dynamics GP software is an ideal mid-market solution for the accounting department.