Microsoft Dynamics cloud: a part of Gartner's prediction for the future of ERP ?

Business owners are usually eager to hear about the latest technology aimed at automating and streamlining their operations. So, when Gartner first coined the term “enterprise resource planning software” (ERP) back in the 1990s, that marked the beginning of new business process tools.

In scope, such software did more than just pick up the slack where other programs left off. What evolved was the development of a single database management system, one that integrated multiple tasks with the beauty of interconnectivity.

Today, with the Microsoft Dynamics cloud companies large and small enjoy improvements in a host of categories. For the manufacturing sector, this means better product lifecycle management; supply chain management; order processing.

Moreover, accounting and back office tasks no longer rely on manual data entries. Instead, spreadsheets are populated with real-time data, resulting in more accurate financials.

Today, according to a Gartner survey noted in Forbes, ERP is moving more-and-more toward the Microsoft cloud as old ERP platforms are upgraded or replaced in total. The majority of those surveyed were in the manufacturing sector.

 “Achieving faster time-to-market while reducing cost of quality.  This is quickly turning into a year of transition for many supply chains, with the shift most noticeable in aerospace and defense.  Tighter project schedules driven by reduced budgets, coupled with more aggressive launch schedules is making this the year of the agile supplier. Cloud-based ERP systems are essential to suppliers in this industry especially.”

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Written by D.L. (Technical Team)