Microsoft Azure: A proven cloud solution for Dynamics GP

It’s a common scenario among SMB’s working with old programs like Excel, or even QuickBooks, to monitor and track material price changes, and ever-changing vendor lists. Unfortunately, wholesale and distribution prices are never static, and requires constant updating of pricing and new vendors, not to mention tracking key engineering and other specifications.

At best, business owners who rely on legacy programs for real-time data may not only find it impossible to follow pricing changes, for example, but often discover that their manually entered data is inaccurate, or incomplete.

But working with the ‘status quo’ and delaying change becomes the choice of many SMB owners, even as markets expand, revenue increases and staffing continues to climb.

At some point, when expenses balloon because of unnecessary staffing, or customers stop coming back to reorder, decision-makers will demand better accountability.

If the business is project oriented, such as construction or a service organization, then it is imperative to track employee time with on each project—Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud utilizing Microsoft Azure is ideal for such specialized  accounting.

Moreover, if the company wants to track multiple projects, Dynamics GP provides for grouping these jobs together with real-time financials on the grouping: actual and budgeted figures.

What’s more, GP’s dashboards can be customized to allow users to track key projects or specific components of the jobs.

Moreover, owners have the ability to migrate in steps to the GP platform. For example, implementation may keep critical programs, such as proprietary files, on-premise.

On the other hand, sales and marketing, as well as supply chain management capabilities may reside in the cloud, such as Microsoft Azure.

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Written by D.G. (Technical Team)