As a business owner, you rely on your employees to make decisions.  Whether employed as an executive, manager, or line staff, their ability to make the proper decision is essential.  Bottom line: Bad decisions cost money.

Making good decisions will help drive the company forward: reduce costs and inefficiencies, generate new sales from new and existing customers, and penetrate new markets.  Your employees will need to be properly armed to make these decisions, and Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will provide what they need.

Decisions are made based on the information available.  When your employees are working from old and out of date information, their ability to make the right decision is greatly reduced.  The information they need must be accessible, current and in sufficient detail to be useful.

Years ago, a sales rep leaving for a business trip would print out a sheaf of paper reports before leaving the office.  Current inventory counts, customer statements and aging reports were all available, and were stale almost as soon as they left the printer.  Working from these paper reports, the sales rep is quickly moved from the current status to a historical status.  The only way to get updated information was to have a new set of reports faxed to his hotel, and then later, by email.  Very inefficient way to operate.

The solution is to enable the entire workforce with a solution that provides better access to current information, a capacity to refresh on demand, and the tools to drill into the reports.  That solution is Dynamics GP 2013 R2.

With Dynamics GP, your employees can access the reporting and inquiry tools via their choice of mobile device (laptop, tablet or smartphone), refresh when they choose, and then drill down to the level of detail needed.  From financial statements using Management Reporter 2012, to graphical analyses with the Business Analyzer, and detailed metrics from SQL Server Reporting and Analytical services, current information is literally a click away.

Making better decisions is critical to your business, and can be as easy as providing the tools and options to everyone in the organization.  Contact TMC today to learn how to deploy Dynamics GP, on premise on in the cloud, and stop making those expensive bad decisions.

By TMC, your Microsoft Dynamics Partner