Let your sales team become a Microsoft Dynamics partner to open more revenue opportunities.

Make no mistake, the Sales Team of any organization is the lifeblood of its existence, and they deserve the right business tools to help them bring home that proverbial bacon.

The backbone of this funnel, of course, is having access to the right information when chasing down leads, checking purchasing histories or signing new contracts. For sure, a well-equipped sales force is a powerful entity churning out productivity.

Business owners not utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics partner advantage, ala Dynamics GP, for example, remain shackled to old programs—the kind that don’t interconnect, interact or provide real-time data; Dynamics GP is a proven enterprise resource management (ERP) software offering a CRM component as well.

Legacy programs fail to provide the Sales Team, supervisors on the production line, or supply chain managers,  with mobile access. That capability alone can be the make-or-break advantage in a competitive marketplace, as noted in a Forbes overview on mobile connectivity.

But it’s more than just accessing one-dimensional (transactional) data from a tablet in the client’s office, or on the road. Sales teams rely on customer feedback that ranges far and wide on the social media channels.

In short, it’s getting a complete profile of the client and his relationships in the sales pipeline. Is the client upset about an order that was on backorder, or didn’t have the right specs for that equipment he ordered recently?

“…sales reps need real-time information about what’s happening with prospects. They need to know what conversations are going on about those prospects and they need additional market data and news feeds. Did the prospect recently go through an acquisition? Is there an existing service issue with this customer that they might not know about?”

Contact us for full information the Dynamics product line, as well as subscription and implementation options. See what the difference of working with a Gold Certified and Microsoft Managed partner like TMC will provide your company.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)

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