Succeeding in today’s business environment requires leveraging technology to manage finances across the globe, monitor performance in real-time, automate and simplify functions, protect future business outcomes, and maximize productivity. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations enables businesses to succeed globally by adapting locally to diverse workforces and changing laws with regulatory features covering 37 countries and 42 languages. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is GDPR ready, helping the organization respond to data subject request with the Person search report.

Global Electronic Reporting

Global Electronic Reporting features configurable e-invoicing, making it easy to adapt to frequent regulatory changes. Finance and Operations provides 50+ workspaces, each with rich views of analytics and processes tailored by roll. Workspaces give real-time insight to big picture performance with drill-throughs and details on every transaction. Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports give a detailed view in the business processes on various dimensions. Customizable tools help support local and international laws, making it easier to generate end of month reports.

Predict Future Outcomes

Using historical data, Finance and Operations helps organization predict the future. AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics give strategic insight on upcoming cash flow, enabling better decisions, actions, and outcomes. A common challenge for organizations is predicting when customers will pay. Slow and inconsistent payment restrict cash flow and inhibit both long term planning and daily performance. Through analyzing customer’s payment history, Dynamics for Finance and Operation predicts when invoices will be paid. It also provides organization strategies to maximize the probability of getting paid on time.

Automate and Simplify Business Processes

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations simplifies financial operations with tools like vendor invoice automation, vendor collaborations, quote-to-cash, budget planning, budget control, expense management, and recurring invoices. Inter-company movements and regular financial consolidations are simplified as a benefit of using a shared chart of accounts. Configurable data management tools make it easy for organizations to integrate external data and automate approvals.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations tightly integrate with Office 365, enabling you to work efficiently with Outlook, Skype, and Excel. Finance and Operations empowers productivity on the go with mobile apps like expense management, vendor invoice approvals, vendor collaboration, and more. These apps also work in offline mode for environments with low or no connectivity. Accelerate into the future of global business. Find out more about Dynamics 365 today.