How Migrating from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Can Enhance Your Business

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been a popular and reliable financial management solution for the last 20 years. Its ease of configuration and comprehensive range of solutions has made it the primary financial choice of mid-sized organizations.

However, several of these organizations are now replacing Dynamics GP with Dynamics 365. There are many benefits of migrating to Dynamics 365. They include: 

Exists Within The Azure Cloud 

Microsoft Azure cloud hosts business tools and infrastructure in a secure online platform. Azure is present in several regions around the world, complies with all data protection laws, and has exceptional hybrid consistency. Migrating to Dynamics 365 will give you access to Azure Cloud. 

Full Integration With Microsoft Products 

Dynamics 365 runs all its processes on a single platform. The integration reduces errors and manual processes and ends any double entries. Your business will be able to automate workflows and assignments within the entire Dynamic Suite. Additionally, you will the capacity process orders and approvals from within Outlook. This integration will be seamless and can be accessed in real-time. Dynamic 365 applications such as TIBCO offers a flexible, fast and future proof integration product to raise marketing and sales efficiency. They also work well in reducing cost and streamlining your operation. 

Self-Service Customization 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has graphic analytic and business intelligence tools that enable business leaders to access a comprehensive view of their organization. You can easily customize the viewing screen from a computer or a mobile device by utilizing the personalized dashboard capabilities. The accurately defined graphs and charts on the dashboards make it eases the decision-making processes.  

Dynamics 365 also enables system users and administrators to configure and customize their systems in a flexible way to meet their specific needs. Some of the main types of customizations include:

  • Automations using workflows and dialogs 
  • Customizing forms, views and charts 
  • Customizing reports and dashboards and creating web resources 
  • Customizing the schema 

Flexible Chart of Accounts 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will be able to report on transactions at a pace that is consistent with your business’s capacity. For instance, you can domicile the entire reporting in a single department or project. Also, you will set up account rules and direct how accounts will be defined throughout your organization. 


Dynamics 365 comes with extended pricing choices for users. To get value for your money, you can opt for a monthly plan that has multiple applications. The monthly plan has light user and full user access options depending on your business needs. 

Data Migration 

The most crucial part of a migration is efficiently having your current data into a new system. However, it is essential to understand the number of records you need to transfer, starting with the vital entities. 

For necessary records, dynamic 365 for customer engagement (D365 CE) can be your best choice. Moving your data to a new system is a significant chance to check and evaluate the cleanliness of your data. It will be easy to know whether you have outdated information, obsolete data, or massive duplicates in your systems. A dynamic 365 in-built can merge functionality and handle all your duplicates. 


A right business management solution lives by its implementation. Set up a new dynamic 365 solution for smooth business operation and high returns. Microsoft Dynamics 365’s features can transform your way of doing business and simplify the cost of operating. Contact us to get started.