A lot of foot-dragging exists among SMBs, as well as large enterprise, about how to use the cloud, and when to go all-in.

No surprise, but a common concern surrounds “data security,” and at what point does cloud computing override these valid concerns?

Evidently, the trend is progressing where the advantages from using cloud services may be trumping the data security question: business are seeing more areas of cost savings, and ways to increase profitability by not building out their on-premise architecture, for example.

Of course, in the perfect digital world all things will come into balance one day as security concerns and risks associated with migrating files, or using cloud computing programs are acceptable.

Maybe more than just acceptable. What is referred to as the ‘poster child’ of these strong trend of all-things cloud-related, General Electric: the conglomerate is moving “90% of its workload” to the public cloud.

Digital trail-blazers, like Chris Drumgoole, GE’s chief operations officer for Information Technology, no longer sees the public cloud as only good for “development and test workloads.”

Notes Drumgoogle in an overview on InfoWorld.com:

“For us, cloud is really about the operating model of changing the way you provision resources. In our space, we are customers of all the big cloud platforms and continue to grow with them. We have a model where we’re operating outside of our four walls in someone else’s environment, but we’ve been able to ensure that GE data — compute, memory, and storage — remain single-tenant, even though we may be in a multi-tenanted data center.”

Already, GE has moved more than 90% of their new apps to the cloud.

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