New Features of the week for the upcoming microsoft dynamics gp 2016 - Part 4

The Microsoft Dynamics GP team is pleased to continue our Feature of the Day program for Microsoft dynamics gp 2016!

Each week leading up to the microsoft dynamics gp 2016 release, you will have a blog post containing information regarding the fantastic new features available in this release. Dynamics gp 2016 is a testament to the continued investment in the product, the dedication of the development team to deliver on big challenges and drive innovation, and our second-to-none collaboration with our customers and partners.

Dynamics gp 2016 is powered by the big rocks of the All-in-One Document Viewers for Sales and Inventory, OData Services, and HTML Web to go along with more than 35+ new features! Read previous features here

DAY 13 | AA user access settings

DAY 13 | AA user access settings

  • Option automatically give users access to all AA transaction dimension codes, rather than defining access individually for all users to all codes.








DAY 14 | Import / Export SmartList from Designer

DAY 14 | Import / Export SmartList from Designer

  • User will be able to export and import SmartList definitions created with SmartList Designer from one install to another






DAY 15 | SmartList from Favorites

  • DAY 15 | SmartList from Favorites
    You can create a new SmartList from a favorites using Designer
  • User doesn’t have to remove all extra columns from the default SmartList






DAY 16 | Word templates for Batch Approval workflow emails 

DAY 16 | Word templates for Batch Approval workflow emails

  • Workflow Batch Approvals now have a default Word template for the edit list for
    – General ledger Batches
    – Payable Batches
    – Receivable Batches
  • Can Be emailed to “approver” for complete information before approving



DAY 17 | Workflow Condition Management Enhancement

DAY 17 | Workflow Condition Management Enhancement

  • Two new options for what happens when step conditions are not met:
    – Continue to next step
    – Reject





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