In the world of business management applications, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central shines as a versatile solution. Let’s dive into the latest enhancements and updates brought by the 2023 release wave 2.  

A Versatile Solution for Growing Businesses 

Business Central, at its core, is designed to simplify and automate various business processes. It comprehensively covers finance, supply chain, manufacturing, shipping, projects, services, and much more. The beauty of this system lies in its adaptability, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate industry-specific features and regional requirements. The emphasis here is on simplicity, which is evident in its swift implementation, easy configuration, and user-friendly design. 

Empowering Users with Copilot 

One of the headline enhancements in this release is the boost to Copilot, which provides users with more capabilities to optimize processes and work efficiently with Copilot’s guidance. Developers are already relishing its benefits within Visual Studio Code.  

The AI capabilities in BC expands beyond marketing text suggestions. It now offers intuitive tools designed to empower a broader set of SMB roles, streamlining workflows and decision-making.   

Streamlining Financial Data and Intercompany Partnerships 

The ability to consolidate financial data and engage in intercompany partnerships across multiple Business Central environments has been streamlined and improved. This feature is especially useful for organizations operating in multiple subsidiaries or entities. 

Reduced Customer Onboarding Time 

Customer onboarding is a crucial aspect of any business, and this release aims to make it smoother. Users can expect clearer error explanations and suggestions for issue resolution. Moreover, regulatory tasks can now be automated, helping organizations stay compliant with government regulations. This, in turn, allows them to concentrate on their core business operations. 

Enhanced Usability 

Usability is always a top priority. With this release, users can expect keyboard shortcuts for quicker data entry and the convenience of viewing editable fields without the need for drilling down into multiple screens. 

Boosting Productivity for Consultants and Developers 

For consultants and developers, productivity gains are substantial. They can now effortlessly launch Visual Studio Code or a linked debugger directly from the Business Central web client, saving valuable time and streamlining their workflows. 

Additional Updates 

Beyond these key enhancements, the 2023 release wave 2 brings a range of additional updates: 

  • Microsoft Power Platform Integration: This release facilitates seamless integration with the Microsoft Power Platform, making workflow setup faster and more efficient. It includes templates that support a wider range of scenarios and the ability to consume business events with the Business Central Power Automate connector. 
  • Enhanced Intercompany and Consolidation Features: The intercompany and consolidation features now work seamlessly across different environments, allowing for broader use of multicompany capabilities. 
  • Improved Supply Chain Capabilities: Several optimizations have been made to improve inventory and warehouse processes. These include enhancements to the picking process, fulfillment suggestions, SKU management, and granular warehouse configuration for manufacturing and jobs. 
  • Expanded Global Availability: Business Central is now accessible in over 130 countries and regions, making it a truly global solution. 
  • Transition to Visual Studio Code: The shift to Visual Studio Code for development is complete, with ongoing productivity improvements. 
  • Governance and Administration: There are enhancements for finer control over administrative rights. 
  • Compliance and Legislation: This release includes compliance with new audit formats, support for e-invoicing, and adherence to local legislation. 
  • Onboarding Improvements: Tooltips on fields provide better guidance for new users. 
  • Collaboration Efficiency: Integration with Microsoft Teams has been improved for more efficient collaboration. 
  • Reporting and Data Analysis: The release introduces more capabilities for analysis and enriched reports. 
  • Service and Platform Improvements: The focus on the fundamentals of the service continues with an emphasis on performance, stability, resource governance, security, and compliance. 

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