“ERP Software” is a term you’ve likely heard before. Unfortunately, companies specializing in ERP tend to forget that most people are unaware of what these specifically are, and forget to explain things in an understandable manner.

If you’re curious about ERP software, but haven’t managed to sort out exactly what it is, don’t worry—we’re here to help!

Defining ERP
ERP is short for “Enterprise Resource Planning.” Put simply, ERP is a management tool for your business that helps you handle the various elements of your organization through integrated software solutions. Ideally, your ERP software will help you track and manage your development, sales, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and every other facet of your business with one simple solution. Dynamics Nav, Dynamics CRM, and Dynamics GP are all popular ERP products that cover different elements of a given business.

How Does it Help?

The modern business needs software to survive. Multitasking has become key: there are customers to track, inventories to record, and orders to monitor. Unless you run a very, very small operation, chances are you’re already relying on some sort of software solution to manage parts of your business. The problems occur when your business grows—as you add new bits of software, incongruence become inevitable. Your inventory management tool becomes incongruent with manufacturing.

The purpose of ERP is to combine all these functions into one simple suite of applications that work together to boost business efficiency. Dynamics GP, for instance, provides all the tools you need for supply chain management, project management, and even human resources control. Dynamics Nav is similar to GP, but with a slightly pared-down features list. Each facet of the suite can share information with the other pieces, and uses information from other areas to its own benefit.

The important thing to remember is that ERP software is designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. It’s a multi-tiered solution that covers all of the bases required by your business. There’s even Cloud ERP now, which syncs your data outside of your system and makes it accessible from anywhere in your business’s supply chain.

The right ERP solution can revolutionize the way your business functions. If you have any questions about which software suite is right for you, or how ERP can make your organization better, please visit www.abouttmc.com or contact us at 310.559.3982.