ERP consulting can make the purchase and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP easier

SMBs today are blessed with easy implementations when it comes to investing in ERP software. On-premise, or cloud-hosted, the platforms for small to mid-size manufacturers and distributors offer features that are up and running right out of the box, particularly so with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

At one time, the only way to use Dynamics GP was through an on-premise server located at the business’s location. The good news is that an Internet connection isn’t required for full functionality in on-premise deployment. In general, this option may be appealing to SMB business owners because of the software’s low cost of ownership—be sure to consider ERP consulting services for guidance through the pre-sale and implementation process.

On-premise deployments require budgeting for server maintenance as well as performing necessary backups and upgrades. Worse case, would be additional costs in server upgrades or build-outs.

Better yet, and as more and more businesses look to cloud-hosted ERP software, SMBs can simply purchase the software and pay a nominal monthly fee for running it through the servers at a data center—a good reason to seek ERP consulting to confirm if this is the best choice for your needs. In this example, the platform is accessed via a secure Internet connection. Additional hardware or maintenance costs are not incurred as the business is ‘renting’ space at the data center.

Today’s SaaS offerings, like those found through Microsoft Azure’s hosting services, offers Dynamics GP on a subscription basis. By far, this is one of the easiest ways to be up and running without huge upfront costs. Furthermore, all the security and upgrades are handled by through Azure.

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Written by J.C. (Consulting Team)