Time marches steadily onward. With time comes change. In order to maintain parity with the competition, it’s necessary to adapt your business practices to the technology of the day. Otherwise, you risk losing your clients, reputation, and market share. In the current economic climate, embracing digital solutions has become a necessity. According to Statista, worldwide spending on digital transformation efforts topped $1.3 trillion last year. Companies worldwide have embraced the “sink or swim” ethos when it comes to updating their ERP and CRM systems. 

Today we’re going to look at the benefits of digital transformation, with added focus on the leverage your company or firm can gain from effective migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Modernizing Your Business Solutions

Employing both Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software has become a necessity in 2021. The ERP market alone is projected to top $48 billion in revenue next year. When deployed in conjunction, these two systems have a radical effect on operational workflows for both salespeople and financial professionals.

In a way, the two systems are different sides of the same coin. Your ERP helps you organize business-critical resources while uniting departments within the larger context of your company. Your CRM lets you coordinate with potential and existing customers much more easily. The problem occurs when you use two different solutions that don’t necessarily correspond with one another, creating something called a “data silo.” With a data silo, business-critical information stagnates in one system without appropriate exchange with the other. In other words, one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

Eradicating data silos is one of many benefits to employing digital transformation to your processes. Other benefits include:

  • Cost savings
  • Unified operations
  • Increased oversight and analytics
  • Improved adaptability
  • A superior customer experience

Migrating from discrete systems to an IaaS or PaaS helps you to consolidate your business operations, reducing fear and uncertainty surrounding the operational efficacy of your company and increasing your agility in the face of an ever-shifting market.

Migrating to Microsoft Azure

Embracing unified, digital solutions is a necessity in our current market, but what’s the best way to go about it? There are an endless array of SaaS and PaaS options, but not every one of them is created equal. You’ve got to employ the right tool for the job in order to prevent costly operational blunders that impact your bottom line. It is in your best interests to choose a best-in-class solution to ease the arduous process of digital transformation while giving you the power and the platform to succeed.

Migration to the Microsoft Azure Cloud offers you an all-in-one solution designed to:

  • Unify your internal operations
  • Break down data silos
  • Provide an end-to-end experience for your customers

Not only does a solution like Azure —which includes Dynamics 365 and its powerful ERP suite— unify your business operations, it also provides the following benefits:

  • Adaptability through scalability
  • Increased security
  • Redundancy and failover protection
  • Robust analytics
  • More than 600 other business-centered applications and functions

The Benefits of a Gold Certified Partner

For professional salespeople, end-to-end workflows are essential. To be the most effective representative possible, you’ve got to coordinate with other departments like marketing, billing, and customer service. The scope of your practice shouldn’t be limited to your CRM; you must utilize ERP tools for superior results.

Financial professionals are in a similar situation. They deal with vast amounts of sensitive client data on a daily basis. They need a high level of internal coordination in order to safeguard that info and put it to appropriate use on behalf of their customers.

Technology Management Concepts is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. For an efficient digital transformation with a high ROI, we unequivocally recommend the Azure cloud to help you unify your operations. For more information on digital transformation, please contact us today.

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