Unfortunately, in today’s business climate known for its get-it-done-now philosophy investing in new software is one thing…but implementation represents an endeavor fraught with many challenges.

In particular, the Dynamics GP implementation can go sideways and backwards if decision-makers do not seek help from a proven Microsoft partner like Technology Management Concepts (TMC).   Decision makers have the choice of phasing their implementation (i.e. Financials first, Payroll 2nd, Supply Chain Management 3rd) or they may opt for a ‘big bang’ implementation.

For sure, nowadays, it seems that most everyone who sells the product is waiting to become that trusted adviser in all things Dynamics-related.

What’s often missing though, is the tried-and-true methodology necessary to achieve not only a successful installation, but that all-important implementation as well.

What’s needed is that starting point that looks closely at what the requirements are for the business in all departments, and how to proceed with minimal disruption to key processes.

An assessment should also be made on the location of data, and how to integrate critical files and documents into Dynamics. Generally, such data is usually pulled in from from numerous data silos residing on multiple sites, and even in branch locations. In the end, users must be given a unified view of their data sources.

Of course, data integration relates to gathering of files and documents The key to successful data integration, according to an article on TechRadar, “How to navigate the new age of data integration,” is not to hurry the process; furthermore, it demands a thorough identification of critical data:

“This analysis and assessment should be done using a fact-based approach to identifying, tuning and moving data integration processes to improve efficiency and meet business requirements…all while recapturing valuable system resources for high impact business analytics.”

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