Just think of the possibilities: a real strategic marketing plan based on solid data gathered from customers sources. The latter, most likely, will include their social media channels to customer engagement opportunities derived from your own web content.

Then, a whole new intuitive approach evolves to help make spot-on decisions. That’s the gist of today’s Business Intelligence (BI) component within the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 suite—and at no extra cost.

Surprisingly, businesses already are linked to this capability through a ubiquitous application called Excel. In fact, Microsoft made sure to leverage the familiarity we have with Excel, a program with wide-range usability that doesn’t require a horrendous learning curve.

What drives this example of BI in the Dynamics software? Microsoft already has 200-plus Excel reports ready to integrate with the Dynamics GP platform. Through the use of an Office Data Connection (ODC), real-time data can then be gathered from GP’s database to create an Excel Report with “relevant data.”

Even more, this instance of BI is delivered without using special coding, or intensive training sessions. In short, the business intelligence is available for “non-expert BI users.”

Gartner notes that the many uses of BI through data analytics are changing the SMB and enterprise workplace:

      • Microsoft Is Ready for SMBs Choosing Cloud-Based BI Solutions
      • Mobile BI Is an Imperative for SMBs, Requiring Careful Consideration of the Development Approach
      • BI and Advanced Analytics Isn’t Just for Enterprise-Size Businesses
      • Data Warehouse Technologies Are Needed to Support Big Data
      • Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Use Is on the Rise

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