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For many people, the best way to learn new software is by using it, as opposed to reading about it or watching someone else go through the motions. To begin your Microsoft Dynamics 365 training, sign up for a no-obligation, free trial. You can test the real, fully functional Dynamics 365 product to see for yourself how Microsoft’s familiar, easy-to-use tools and apps can help you grow your business and create happy customers. The Dynamics 365 trial is fully customizable, too. You can add data, set up dashboards, use mobile apps, and much more. If and when you decide to buy, any work that you did during the trial will be transferred over safely and securely, so there’s no need to start over.

When you access the Dynamics 365 trial, the first thing you’ll see is a dashboard that’s pre-populated with sample data to help you get a feel for how the application presents data visually. There are sample customer records to experiment with, and you can add or change any of the records. Should you decide to purchase Dynamics 365, it’ll be easy to remove the sample data with a few clicks so that you can start fresh with your own customer data.

To guide you as you evaluate your next steps, the trial comes with a series of Dynamics 365 training videos, as well as guided tasks that are designed to help you learn and discover the application’s key capabilities. These are shown to you based on your role and context. Just click the links on the sidebars, and follow the steps. To get back to guided help, click the Help button on the bar any time. If you need more assistance, you can open a live chat window or receive a phone call to speak with someone who can answer your questions.

The trial is available to anyone and everyone on your team whose job functions would require a program such as Dynamics 365. Simply add colleagues as users, and set their security roles to their areas of interest to allow them to explore features that are relevant to them.

Contact us today to get your free trial. Should you need more in-depth Dynamics 365 training, we can provide that as well, and we look forward to helping you get the most out of your Dynamics 365 experience.