Dynamics 365 Priced To Scale Your Business for Large and Small Businesses

With the new Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a business powerhouse with the combination of ERP, CRM and business apps bundled together in the cloud. The good thing about this system is that you can buy and scale your business as needed.

The Dynamics 365 price is based on what package you purchase and comes in two editions, Business or Enterprise. This really is great for small and large businesses, because you can control the costs. Small business benefits from the low-cost introduction of the Business Edition, which for the whole package is only $50 per user a month. The common data model also integrates with your familiar Office 365.

Dynamics 365 Business Edition

This Dynamics 365 software edition is designed for smaller companies with employees from 10-250. With this you get three modules including Financial, Sales, marketing along with PowerApps and embedded intelligence.

There are two licensing options available including $50 per user a month and for lighter use only $5 per user a month. You can also buy each one separately for $40 per user a month.

With the initial release, your organization will be able to pay for over 200 business apps all located conveniently on the Azure Cloud. You will be able to scale your business and grow easier like never before.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

This edition is made for companies with 250 or more employees and has various options. It has a common database and there are two basic plans to choose from. The first plan includes modules of sales, marketing, customer service, field service, project service automation along with the Business PowerApps and embedded intelligence.

The Dynamics 365 price for this edition is $115 per user a month. You can also buy the modules separate for $95 per user a month, with the PowerApps price of $40.

Plan two adds the operations module and runs $210 per user a month. Team members who are light users only need to pay $10 per user a month.

Dynamics 365 pricing offers so many opportunities to grow your business, for more information, contact us today