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Manufacturers used to think that boosting productivity and improving customer satisfaction were two separate issues with two distinct solutions. Now that thinking has changed with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365, an integrative ERP/CRM platform that solves both issues simultaneously by increasing productivity and managing customer and sales data. In particular, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition, is a boon to manufacturers.

Streamlines Resources

Dynamics 365 Enterprise streamlines the management of all assets, consolidating data and providing real-time insight into manufacturing processes, unifying it all in one central data base. That way manufacturers can keep better track of efficiency gains. The process is enhanced through a centralized flow of information between departments.

Turns Service Into Profit

As costs for technological innovations such as Internet of things (IoT) sensors, cloud-based data aggregation and smartphones go down, manufacturers find that Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition, can offer supplemental services like remote monitoring and proactive maintenance to improve the customer experience.

Boosts Employee Collaboration and Effectiveness

When data is centralized, employees can feel free to work together on a number of issues. Greater access to data means more heightened collaboration between departments, thereby increasing the level of effectiveness. Far fewer mistakes are made, simply because the level of interdepartmental communication is greater than the days when more than one data base was used. This is especially true, for instance, when tracking a production order and other activities along the supply chain.

Improves Innovation

A centralized system like Dynamics 365 makes things more efficient, including the time it takes to keep track of current inefficiencies and other faulty elements. Connected products and other devices relay data, which is then gathered and used to improve any future designs. This can all be made possible through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, which provide manufacturers with the data required to innovate.

Improves Supply Chain Operations

All the data integrated in one system can be gathered at once and used to monitor the progress of a company’s supply chain from production to distribution to sales. Automating the entire data retrieval and analysis process can give a company the competitive advantage, speeding up the time to market.

Increases Customer Loyalty

Saddled with hectic schedules, customers appreciate businesses that are quick and efficient. A company that responds to its customers’ needs using such automated processes as predictive analytics, which you get with Dynamics 365, is more likely to retain its customers. Predictive analysis also helps solve problems remotely before they occur, enhancing the company’s image, and boosting customer loyalty.

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