TMC-Blog-Article-2018-07-Dynamics-365-Azure-for-Healthcare-Secure-and-HIPPA Compliant

What role does today’s customer relationship management (CRM) software play in vertical markets like healthcare? According to Gartner, such entities must embrace a “commitment to data” to perfect “superior clinical outcomes, cost care and patient satisfaction.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Azure, a CRM/ERP bundle available through the Microsoft’s cloud, provides the platform to achieve these goals, thanks to ‘global standards’ Microsoft follows:

“Azure offers a platform to develop connected solutions which provide proactive, personalized healthcare across people and devices. Microsoft conforms to global standards in security and compliance to deliver on both technology and trust.”

For starters, the SaaS software processes HIPPA-approved documents like electronic health records (EHR) and other files regulated by “disclosure and safeguarding of individually identifiable health information,” as noted on the Microsoft Trust Center.

Clinics and hospitals can utilize Dynamics 365’s ‘field management‘ module to help achieve effective outcomes. For example, the module made accessible through mobile devices can be a hub for patient data. This provides a pathway for real-time patient reporting, which in turn advances better transparency in all phases of patient care.

As a result, such “next-generation communications,” as referred to in Gartner’s predictions on healthcare, show that this sector is poised to improve overall patient care” with IT taking on a more substantial role to reach these outcomes:

“…Gartner indicated that IT is likely to move from a “‘supporter to a driver of business innovation in the EHR-enabled era.”

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