Digital Transformation With Help from an Office 365 Partner

Is your company in the market for revamping your internal Business Applications?

If you are, I am happy to inform you that Microsoft 365 Business plans offer an abundance of integrated systems, such as operational applications to assist in increasing company productivity. Before you start your internal re-structuration, you can contact your Microsoft 365 Partner support team to learn more about your Business applications migration and get Microsoft 365 help.

What is a Cloud Business Application?

Cloud Business Applications is software that intertwines all your business processes, with the goal of improving collaborations, helping your company make decisions based on accurate information received, and advancing your businesses productivity.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service intended to help meet your organizations needs for heightened security, reliability, and user productivity.

What does Microsoft 365 Offer?

Microsoft 365 offers many applications to help increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, such as:

  • Office Suite: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Delve: A document manager
  • Dynamics 365: A business manager
  • Flow: Allows you to automate your workflow
  • Forms: Allows you to create custom forms
  • OneDrive: A cloud storage system
  • OneNote: A digital notepad, that automatically saves you work and allows you to collaborate with your team
  • Outlook: An E-mail application
  • People: Stores you contacts in one location and recommends potential contacts
  • Planner: An organization application that allows individuals to create tasks
  • Power BI: Allows you to create data dashboards for your team. Gives you the ability to categorize data (i.e., sales and marketing)
  • PowerApps: An application builder that allows you to create web and mobile apps
  • SharePoint: A file sharing application
  • StaffHub: An employee hub app for managers and employees
  • Stream: A video hosting application that allows you to upload, embed, and share video content to your team
  • Sway: This application can create and share reports, training material, newsletters and more
  • Teams: A live chat, that allows for real-time messaging between people
  • To-Do: A daily planner
  • Yammer: Microsoft’s social media network

Microsoft 365 has multiple subscriptions to meet the needs of any business, starting from Microsoft 365 Business Essentials (the most cost-effective subscription) and extending to Office 365 Business Premium. With the availability of a local Office 365 partner, you’ll never be alone when supporting your Cloud Business Applications. We can help with a wide array of issues ranging from Office 365 implementation to Exchange migrations.

As an official Microsoft 365 partner, the TMC team can offer Microsoft 365 support to ensure that your service is functioning at the highest level possible. If you are interested in acquiring the best enterprise resource planning system in the market, contact us.