Cloud ERP series 8: How much does the Cloud ERP cost?

Previously, we talked about how beneficial Cloud ERP software can be for your business. One of the first questions SMBs normally ask is ”How much does it cost? There are a number of factors that influence the final “price tag” of a cloud ERP system; the end result can be highly variable. What you can expect is a range of $125 per user/mo – $300 per user/mo depending on the system and overall functional needs. Let’s look into the key factors when it comes to determining the price of Cloud ERP software:

  • Type of company: Every business is unique. You need a vetted ERP vendor who listens and understands your specific needs.
  • Number of users: Most ERP systems are priced according to the number of concurrent users and the level of access each of these users will require.
  • Applications required: Depending on the size of your business, you will need to integrate with a number of different applications. Larger businesses typically require more applications and greater functionality.
  • Implementation costs: Cloud-based systems are paid for on a subscription basis, while on-premise systems are sold under a perpetual license.
  • Customization level: Most companies will require some degree of customization in order to maximize their return of investment. The amount of programming, testing, and training is directly related to the size and the scope of the company.

The bottom line is that Cloud ERP software can be much more attractive due to the lower initial price point, especially for small and midsize businesses. Empower your people, take control of your business and enhance your strengths by using highly efficient cloud ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Find out which ERP system best fit your business through this Solution Assessment. Contact us for more information about the Dynamics product line, including the platform’s cloud computing options.

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