Cloud ERP series 9: How do you find the right team to guide you through the implementation?Choosing the right partner to help you deploy an ERP system is critically important to the success of your project. There certainly is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to implementing an ERP system. Every company has unique goals, and an implementation requires careful planning and analysis. Here is the project management methodology to planning and executing Cloud-based ERP implementation with a supportive partner.

Project Kick-off

A great partner will listen and value the voice of the users with the full support and participation from the planning stage until the go-live date and beyond.

Analyze, Plan and Understand

Choosing an ERP solution for your business will take time. To help jumpstart your implementation, the partner will work with the users and understand the organization’s business process to map them to the right ERP software.

Design, Develop and Build

Once the partner defines your requirements and understands your data, they should be able to customize the Cloud-based ERP software that fits your particular needs.

Train, Test and Accept

After your system is configured, you need to train you employees on how to use the new program. With Cloud-based ERP software, the partner will be able to provide classroom training-onsite, offsite or web-based training. You can determine which options is better for your schedule.

Implementation and Go-Live

Once you are fully implemented and live, the partner will assist you in any last minute training and adjustments, helping you through your first month-end closes, and transition your business to their support team.

Ongoing Support

After the successful launch of your new system, the partner will continue to provide on-going support. This is delivered through our help-desk, the application of new updates, free webinars and user group sessions.

A successful ERP solution can grow your business’ bottom line, increasing your company’s revenues and improving your company’s efficiencies. Finding the right partner to guide you through the implementation process can maximize your monetary and time investment.