Cloud ERP is ready. Are you?

Most companies are familiar with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software), which helps them to monitor and organize business data across each independent department within the company. Traditional ERP solutions are often housed within a company’s server and require consistent monitoring and updating. On the other hand, Cloud ERP, such as SaaS (Software as a Service), is based in the cloud. It frees the employees from their office and their desks. Employees in different divisions can easily access the information for their needs and focus on what they are good at. Moreover, the savings from requiring an IT department can be put into other departments to really boost your bottom line.

Even though this sounds like a really good investment, there are still a lot of SMBs wondering if it is really the time to move to the cloud. Therefore, we listed the Top 10 questions that all SMBs might ask before implementing a Cloud-based ERP solution for their business. We will dive into each topic in the following weeks. These will help you understand why it is time for Cloud ERP and ensure you are making the right decision to grow your business.

Top 10 Questions Before Move to the Cloud

  1. What is Cloud ERP?
  2. Why & Why not Cloud ERP?
  3. Why is NOW the right time to move to the Cloud?
  4. Is your company ready for Cloud ERP?
  5. How can Cloud-Based ERP give your business a boost?
  6. Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud-Based versus Traditional ERP Systems?
  7. How do I pick the right Cloud ERP?
  8. How much does the Cloud ERP cost?
  9. How do you find the right person to guide you through the implementation?
  10. What are Cloud ERP clients saying?

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