Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud

Just about everyone has heard of “the cloud”, but not many people really understand it or how it can benefit their business. This lack of understanding may be preventing a business from beginning to utilize the cloud in a manner that helps drive their business forward. However, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud makes it easy for a business of any size to begin to use the cloud to their benefit.

There is a lower cost to businesses using Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV Cloud because there is no additional hardware or software to purchase and payments for the service are made monthly. This savings on the initial cost will allow a smaller company to enhance cash flow, but any size business is able to take advantage of these savings and drive business growth, while taking advantage of cloud utilization.

Lower costs are also possible through a smaller IT team because Dynamics NAV Cloud allows for the replacement of hardware and software with the outsourcing of software to a SaaS provider. By not having to worry about this hardware and software that is outsourced, a business will be able to focus on the employee needs for IT instead of the needs that are solely related to the hardware and software that is used company-wide.

By outsourcing to a SaaS provider, a business without a dedicated IT team will be able to focus on business, which is good for business. The outsourced IT needs that are covered by the SaaS provider using Dynamics NAV Cloud provide a business with dedicated servers and software that is accessible from anywhere in the world, without additional hardware or software on the business’s side of things. That can provide a sense of relief for a business that does not want to be worrying about computer hardware and software because they would rather be focused on driving their business growth.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud provides additional flexibility through its monthly subscriptions for licenses. This means that a company will be able to change the number of users from month-to-month without being locked into a year-long contract for a license. The added flexibility is good for a business of any size, but is especially appreciated by small or medium-size businesses who may have a higher churn rate of employees.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud SaaS gives a business access to the hardware and software from anywhere in the world. This allows a company to do business anywhere and still have access to the software and data that drive business growth.

Technology Management Concepts is a SaaS provider utilizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cloud. If your business is interested in getting started with Dynamics NAV Cloud, please contact us and we can get started on how we may best serve your business needs.

Written By J.H. (Consulting Team)