The Benefits of ERP Cloud Software IntegrationWith the rise of cloud-powered software, an increase in integrated applications wasn’t far behind. Now, accessibility across a range of devices, seamless data updates across platforms and real-time collaboration with documents and video seem to be taken for granted. But, as technology continually innovates and improves, what other benefits of ERP cloud software integration loom ahead?

Here are two benefits of ERP cloud software integration that are on the verge of becoming a necessity.

Building Partnerships and Sharing Data

Ross Mason of MuleSoft recently predicted the rise of cloud-powered integration breaking down the four walls of enterprise existence. By integrating across platforms and devices a new era of hyper-connectivity doesn’t mean simply breaking internal silos, but building partnerships and relationships across industries.

He points to the success airlines have achieved in opening up their data to external partners like Kayak and Hotwire. By sharing information on flights, booking preferences and other variables the companies are able to facilitate boarding and increase customer satisfaction.

Personalized Services

Along with the idea of easily sharing data, without compromising security, is the development of personalizing data for significant improvements in highly siloed ecosystems, such as healthcare.

Ross Mason alludes to the possibility of leveraging integrated ERP software technology to provide personalized care by “aggregating and connecting patient data” from across a range of databases. Databases that contain patient medical history, new treatments and support services can combine to create personalized care plans.

Imran Qureshi of Acupera takes this one step further by detailing how this can be accomplished. He writes:

“A new generation of technologies are starting to enable … the way healthcare and other data are mined and utilized, pulling data from various sources to create actionable real-time care plans for patients and providers based on up-to-date clinical and behavioral information.”

Mason and Qureshi see the future of ERP cloud software as bringing about an era of connectivity, and it is difficult to disagree.

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