Truth be told, a lot of businesses, may push back on purchasing CRM/ERP software because their afraid a lot of it capabilities would simply go unused—much like our untapped brain power!

But what is often overlooked in the buying process is the complete scalability of these platforms, like Microsoft Dynamics GP’s ERP software for small to medium-sized businesses, which allows companies to use GP’s brain trust as the company’s needs grow.

If you own a  business outside the manufacturing industry, a sector that has been using ERP for sometime, it might behoove you to  shadow the company briefly and judge for yourself just how more efficiently the company’s business processes have improved, thanks to their ERP platform. A more workable option, of course, is to do the same in other verticals where ERP is not as prolific. Better still, contact a certified Microsoft Gold partner, like Technology Management Concepts (TMC).

But, long before a company starts searching for a qualified vendor, the organization must assess all of its methods of documentation and processing data. How is the business gathering and analyzing customer profiles, including purchasing histories and preferences?

Furthermore, do all of the departments share information in real time, or have the capability to collaborate on projects? Are financials updated in seamlessly with other departmental information; this, to produce error-free reports, the kind that improves forecasting and decision-making?

Some of the enhancements to Dynamics GP 2015, aside from its array of online features, are keyed to improving “workflow functionality.” Think of an approval chain through which documents must pass and who must ultimately sign-off on it. Default workflows include:

  • General Ledger/Payables batch approval
  • Vendor approval
  • Receivables batch approval

What’s more, the ERP suite is very accommodating to today’s HR demands to track employee progress, including a module for “employee skills approval.”

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