Accounting software for small businesses should integrate with other programs, like Dynamics GP.

Ask any owner of a small to medium-size business why they purchased that latest software package, and they’ll probably say it simply filled a certain need in their company.

For accounting software for small businesses, they may have chosen to level-up to a platform that can be integrated with other business processes.

In the past, for example, they may have relied on a number of non-related programs to provide ‘timely’ data. In reality, though, too much time was spent searching files and documents residing on multiple PCs throughout the company. A sales manager’s monthly report may be sitting in a file on his laptop, making it inaccessible by the CFO until the manager’s returns to the office.

In short, a single database management system that includes a highly functional accounting package will provide better operational efficiencies throughout the company. As a post on the Business 2 Community website notes:

“The right software will streamline your business processes, letting you easily invoice your customers and track your sales, billable hours, bank accounts, and expenses. A good accounting package will also give you feedback on profits, sales, and cash flow so you can make good business decisions quickly.”

Understand your needs…

Aside from the basic accounting tasks, a fully integrated system like Microsoft Dynamics GP, will provide insights into the inner workings of the company. But it starts with knowing what you need beyond those basic features.

Look for a system that is ‘scalable’…

Investing in a Porsche, when all you need for the near-term is a Ford, can be extremely counter-productive and costly. But the decision must be based on a thorough analysis of departmental needs. With Dynamics GP, for example, adding a business intelligence (BI) capability to the software may make more sense as the company expands.

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Written by B.H. (Sales Department)