A successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation starts with understanding how departments function.

Investing in Microsoft Dynamics ERP software is a layered process that begins with understanding the business processes of the company; time commitment needed for training and dealing with the ongoing challenges of users adjusting to new roles in the workplace.

For example, in the latter case, accounting may no longer need to set aside time for an employee to make data entries in multiple programs because the Dynamics software automatically can update calculations across the entire database.

The investment in enterprise resource planning software opens the way for businesses to achieve new levels of operational efficiencies over a well-planned implementation of the platform.

To some companies, that simply means setting aside time for everyone to ‘learn’ the software; for others, it’s more about appointing key personnel in specific departments to be the ‘point person’ when it comes to contacting the vendor with questions.

No doubt, certain departments will see their roles change in the way they handle information. What’s more, the entire company culture may be one of ‘pushing back’ on this new entry into the daily workflow.

But a successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation ultimately depends on training outcomes.

Plan early a successful Microsoft Dynamics implementation 

An important element in the implementation is getting stakeholders to ‘sign on’ to the whole process. This can be enhanced by establishing a timeline, letting every department  prepare for any disruption in their daily tasks.

Don’t be put off by ‘push back’

Once you identify the departments that will be receiving the bulk of training make extra time with the key players, those who will likely be more impacted than others in the company. Make it known that they will receive additional support along the way.

The best ROI is possible when the right software, like Dynamics ERP, is implemented and deployed in a well-planned manner. Contact us for more information.