5 Reasons To Choose Dynamics GP 2010 As Your New ERP Software

Why should you choose Microsoft Dynamics GP as your new ERP solution to your business needs?  How does quick implementation, ease of use, and the ability to efficiently cut costs and increase productivity sound?  Need more convincing?  Here are five reasons for choosing Microsoft Dynamics GP over other ERP systems.


1. Meet specific business needs

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to customize and integrate any daily business process into the system. Whether it is financial management, supply chain management, or manufacturing, Dynamics GP offers a bundle of features to make these tasks simpler and more efficient.

2. Easy to take advantage

Microsoft Dynamics GP easily assimilates into your daily operations, flawlessly integrating with other Microsoft products like Word and Outlook.  Specifically designed this way, Dynamics GP will reduce training time and implementation costs.  Employees will be able to focus on productivity, rather than sifting through endless piles of files and papers.

3. Fully personalized

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to fully personalize all of its features to better fit the way your business is run. Set up your business’ payroll system to be fully automated or create new windows to simplify a process or even integrate with other data sources and applications such as Microsoft .NET Framework.

4. Easy access to information

Microsoft Dynamics GP acts as remote server that can be accessed from any location by any authorized employee.  Data reports and spreadsheets can be viewed with drill-back views from Excel, SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server.  With over 220 reports, data can easily be recorded, stored and accessed.

5. Advanced basic reporting

Utilizing advanced analytics will allow you to make smarter business decisions.  Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to share important data across your business through SQL Server Analysis Services.  Using built in models and analysis such as predictive modeling or shopping basket analysis will help take your business further.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is proven to be able to help your business become better organized and more cost effective, and with the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, more features will become available to help your business.