More businesses are working remotely these days. They’re not only holding staff meetings online, but also shifting sales, accounting, and other operations wholly online. Consumers and businesses are also buying more products and services online. In this environment, your business must be able to provide the same or higher levels of customer service and fulfillment to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

You can’t afford lag time!

If your sales staff can’t communicate as quickly with customers because of your legacy CRM keeps going down, they can’t close sales as effectively. That means you lose money — and with consumer and business spending uneven, every sale is essential.

Moreover, you don’t have a lot of time or money to invest in a pricey new IT system when your business needs to maximize cash flow. And you know that criminals are actively seeking new ways to exploit remote work. But you also don’t have a lot of time to test new IT security applications. You want to go with what works.

Moving your ERP or CRM to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Services is an affordable way to optimize your internal operations.

Here are five quick reasons why this tried-and-tested solution is right for your business’s IT needs if an event similar to the pandemic happens.


Unlike many Enterprise applications, Azure offers businesses a pay-as-you-go payment plan so that you only pay for what you need. That level of cost flexibility is critical in an uncertain economic environment.


Microsoft has a tremendous global footprint. With data centers located in countries all over the world, Microsoft offers guaranteed up-time of 99.95 percent in their service-level agreements. You won’t have to worry about service outages adversely affecting your operation, leaving you free to sell your products and services and manage the rest of your business.


Microsoft is committed to keeping customer data private. Their service level agreements clearly outline how your data will be managed and stored. Microsoft will not share your data with any other entity, except as required by law.


Given Microsoft’s colossal network of data centers, Azure can be scaled up in any way that fits your needs. They have the resources to support your data needs so that your IT staff can work on other projects.


Those using Microsoft Azure have access to robust security tools that will help your IT staff monitor and address threats in real-time. Microsoft also continues to upgrade its security measures to meet evolving threats.

Technology Management Concepts, an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner, can help get you started. Our experienced team will focus on optimizing your infrastructure so that you can focus on maximizing revenue.

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