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You would be ‘hard-pressed’ to find any industry that does not utilize modern technology. Businesses are increasingly relying on technology to help automate business processes, strengthen their marketing, and serve their customer base. When trying to grow your business, you may find that your team could be using more tech to help organize and advance the business. With all the options out there, it can be difficult to navigate what tech you should or shouldn’t rely on. Depending on the industry you are in, different platforms will vary in usefulness for you. This article will highlight some of the most common ways your business can leverage technology to help ensure it will grow safely this year.

Invest in ERP software

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, has become a popular avenue many businesses take when trying to adapt to the modern age. An ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics can help your business in almost every department.

Understanding how ERP can help your business can seem difficult. For most, ERP is a foreign topic, but we can break it down for you. Enterprise resource planning software is software that promotes transparency and connected communication across your entire business, From accounting to marketing and everything in between. ERP software helps businesses make decisions, cut down on waste, and ultimately be as efficient as possible.

In the past, it was believed that only large scale corporations could benefit from ERP software, but in 2020 that is not the case. As technology has advanced, so have ERP offerings. Software is now more personalized and tailored to individual businesses. This ensures that your business is not wasting money on different modules that it will not fully utilize. Even small businesses can utilize ERP to better their business practices.

Partnering with an ERP provider is a great way to ensure that your business seamlessly transitions into using the software. ERP partners will be able to learn your company’s needs and identify what version of the software will best fit your organization. As your company grows, so will your ERP needs.

Consider scheduling a consultation with one of our Microsoft Dynamics experts today to learn more about how ERP software can help your business grow this year.

There’s an App for that

Mobile apps can boost customer engagement, loyalty, and can increase your company’s visibility. Again, as technology advances around us, it has become more cost-effective to invest in developing a mobile app for your business.

No matter what industry your business is in, an app can do wonders for your efficiency. Mobile apps can be utilized in an array of ways. From improving the sales process to just being used as a marketing tactic, an app could be a worthwhile investment for your company this year.

Oftentimes, business owners build an app to try and attract new customers, but experts claim that is not the right mindset to have. An application’s key purpose should be to serve your current customer base in any way possible. A mobile app will help cultivate loyalty, engagement, and brand recognition.

When deciding to develop a mobile app, you will likely have to build it out of house. With a plethora of mobile app developers around, there should be no problem finding one that fits your price-point and business needs.

Create excellent content

In the age of information, it can be extremely difficult to stand out amongst the competition. It seems that almost every company has a shiny new website, awesome branding, and even a company blog. While all this content is great, far too often companies are wasting time dumping resources into content that people just aren’t consuming.

To stand out amongst the competition, focus on quality over quantity. Produce content that is timely, relevant, and engaging to your customers. If you do not already have an employee who specializes in producing content, it might be worthwhile to create a position. Having a dedicated content producer can help your company’s content evolve. Transitioning from solely written content to video-based content is a great goal to have in place.

Hosting quality and engaging content across your different online platforms will only help boost your brand’s engagement, visibility, and image. Creating effective content will compound the impacts of your marketing efforts, social media marketing, and general branding. Always remember quality over quantity above all else.

Utilize an online business loan

Owning a business can be a costly venture. Almost everything you do will either cost money or time. Everything mentioned in this guide so far can be costly to execute. Sometimes you will not have the money available to fund your project. If you are looking to just fund a quick project or need a fast turnaround loan, a traditional loan may not be the right fit for your business.

Getting approved for a business loan is more efficient than ever with the advancement of technology. Online business loans are becoming increasingly popular within the small business community. Alternative loan providers typically offer shorter loan terms, only require a soft credit pull, and have an extremely fast application/approval process.

Investing in your business can be costly, but with an array of funding options available, you can make sure the loan is tailored for your needs.

As technology advances, so will the world around it. While relying on technology for every process in your business is not conceivable, modernizing your use of tech can help promote growth. Remember, every business or industry is not the same. This guide is meant to get you thinking about what weaknesses your business may have and how technology could be used to address those weaknesses.

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