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Dynamics GP Video Demos

View our video library to see how Microsoft Dynamics GP can empower your organization.

See why Dynamics GP 2013 is different

Experience Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Increase Adoption, Improve Efficiency, and Gain Greater Insight with Dynamics GP 2013

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to have a hands on first-hand look at an overview of Dynamics GP’s home page, as well as reporting tools, dashboards, templates, and more. Move through this video at your own pace as you control when you move to the next module.

Manage Your Business From Anywhere: Dynamics GP 2013 In the Cloud

Dynamics GP 2013 and Office 365 work together to connect people, processes and systems all from one place

Utilize our Guided Tour to see how from Office 365 you have quick access to your calendar, email and Sharepoint sites that directly link to your Dynamics GP 2013 database. Utilize OneDrive, Outlook, Excel Refreshable Reports, and Role-Tailored Dashboards to directly link back to Dynamics GP 2013 to make important business decisions on the road.

Go beyond access to information with the Business Analyzer App

Dynamics GP 2013 helps you go beyond access to information with the Business Analyzer App.

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to see how the Business Annalyzer App helps you to generate reporting on the go giving you access to insightful presentations

Navigation List: Get to answers without the hassles

Using the Navigation Lists in Dynamics GP, you can easily find the information you need within clicks.

Utilize our Guided Tour to see how the Navigation List in Dynamics GP 2013 give you a quicker access to your data by running detailed reports.

See how Dynamics GP 2013 works

Gain insight on financial performance

Dynamics GP 2013 helps you to gain and share financial insight

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to see how Dynamics GP helps you to gain andd share financial insight from an online document in a web browzer, allowing you to drill into details and communicate priorities.

Make it easier to enter orders

Dynamics GP 2013 makes it easy to enter orders and increases sales

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to see how Dynamics GP 2013 simplified the order entry in order to improve accuracy and pinpoint cross-sell opportunities.

Make smarter purchasing decisions

Dynamics GP 2013 allows you to make smarter purshasing decisions and control costs.

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to make your purchases decisions smarter with the order suggestions, the automatic order generation and control your costs.

Simplify vendor setup and management

Discover how Dynamics GP 2013 allows you simplify vendor setup and management to increase accuracy and consistency.

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to Simplify vendor setup and management with Streamline Setup, increase accuracy and ensure consistency.

Control check payments

Have a greater control of check payment with Dynamics GP

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to learn how you can select vendors easily, specify invoices and process check batches.

Streamline and apply cash receipts

With Dynamics GP 2013, stremline your process of applying cash receipts to open invoices

Utilize our Guided Tour of Dynamics GP 2013 to discover how to streamline your process choosing between applying funds automatically or manually.

Dynamics GP 2013

Dynamics GP 2013 Prepayments for Purchase Orders

Creating a Standard Purchase Order in Dynamics GP 2013. New addition is the Prepayment associated with the Purchase Order. Enables to more accurately follow the standard practice for companies Importing.




Electronic Signatures

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Electronic Signatures tutorial


Collections Management Query

A brief overview of using Collections Management in Dynamics GP 10.0

Collections Management Letter Templates

This video demonstrates how to use Microsoft Word to create letter templates for Collections Management


Revenue/Expense Deferral

A brief of overview of the deferring of an expense in Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0


Extender Module Demonstration

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Extender Module tutorial


Distribution Module

A brief overview of the Distribution functions in Dynamics GP 2010


Overview Series

Microsoft Dynamics GP Intro

Business Management software that is a complete and scalable solution that meets the unique needs of growing businesses. Fast to implement and easy to learn.


0:35 min.

Make Confident Decisions

Relavent information in a format that makes sense to stay focused and productive enabling you to make confident business decisions.
Enables confident decisions
0:52 min.

Increase Productivity

Provides the flexibility today and as you grow. TMC can help you with solutions tailored to your unique business needs and provide you with excellent implementation support.

Increase Productivity With Dynamics GP
0:47 min.


Modifying Microsoft Dynamics GP to work the way your business works
Fits with your systems
0:57 min.

Dynamics GP Modules:



Financial Data

Investigate Financial Data
1:31 min.


Give your organization a huge strategical advantage with dependable and accurate modeling in Microsoft Dynamics GP

“What-if” Forecasts
0:48 min.

Corporate Assets

Getting more real business information out of your financial reports can help you gain great insight into your business

Protect Your Corporate Assets
0:59 min.

Supply Chain

Back-order Visibility
1:23 min.
Do you need visibility into potential back-order situations? Do you need to make consistent order fulfillment decisions when stock shortages occur?

Simplify Warehouse Processes
1:34 min.
Do you need a system that simplifies warehouse processes?

Reduce Collection Problems
2:32 min.

Do you need to make fair and reasonable decisions on customer credit to reduce collection problems?


Consistent Hiring Process
2:07 min.

Do you need a consistent hiring process? Is manually tracking applicants slowing down your hiring managers?

Reduce Manual Processes

1:35 min.
Could you reduce manual processes by enabling people to manage their personal information, enter and approve time and attendance, and enroll in benefits online?


Spot Hidden Trends
1:12 min.
Do you need to easily spot the trends that seem to be hidden in your data?

Business Management Alerts
1:21 min.

Do you want your business management system to automatically tell you when something is wrong or when your action is required?

Better, Faster Decisions
1:08 min.
Do you need to make better, faster decisions with easier access to more relevant data?

IT Systems

Tailor Work Experiences
1:13 min.
Do you need to empower your people to be more productive by tailoring their work experience?

Flexible Systems
1:25 min.
Do you need a flexible system that can be personalized and adapted to users’ needs without requiring developer skills?

Connect 3rd Party Systems and Applications
0:45 min.

Do you need to connect other systems and applications to Microsoft Dynamics GP so you can get more value from your data?

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