Top 5 Reasons You Need Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)

Hi and welcome to CRM decoded, where we debunk and demystify Dynamics 365 sales. Today we’re doing a top 5 reasons why you need Dynamics 365 sales today? I’m Miriam Florio, CRM practice manager here at Technology Management Concepts. Let’s dive right in.

Number five. Our competitors are already using it, and there’s a good reason. CRM is the biggest software market in the world. Today, 87% of businesses are using it. It is extremely helpful, increases efficiency and productivity, and we’ll be going over four more reasons why you need it. And why they’re using it. Don’t let your competitors have a leg up on you.

Number four. Gain control over your data. Dynamics 365 Sales is in a secure backed up location in the cloud. You don’t need to worry about local servers.Handling your data. It’s automatically backed up on a nightly schedule by Microsoft, so if you need to go to a backup, you always have that handy. You’re also in control of your data from local machines of users. They may be keeping spreadsheets information inside of email. You want to keep that in a location where you can control. That data and have it should that individual leave the organizations.

Number three. Dynamics 365 Sales is flexible and integrable. There are out-of-the-box integrations with Outlook teams, office, SharePoint and more. All these things work seamlessly together and come from the same software maker, Microsoft. You can also deploy custom integration so if you have another application. You absolutely need to keep or an ERP solution. You can integrate that using the data verse or the API. CRM is also easily customizable and configurable by end users. No need to contact consultant to add a field. You can do those things on your own. Change the look and feel of the system etc. You can also create your own apps, so depending on what users need to see or access, you can actually change the look and feel of the buttons that they see, the screens that they see, etc.

Number two. It’s useful for all departments. We really want to combine all of our departments together inside of serum. And it’s not only for sales users, it’s for customer service, marketing, administrative folks, Technical Support team that you may have internally and your accounting team. So it really combines all these departments. In a single unified solution.

Number one, overall visibility and control. Serum is a central repository for information at your entire organization. You can see information about prospects, existing customers, vendors, suppliers, competitors. You can keep all that information in one location. It’s real time data. You have mobile use available on your devices, you can do dashboarding, outlook integration, get all those emails inside of CRM so that we have a full view of that customer or prospect or whomever it is. We can also see what our employees are doing. No need for our call log reports or checking in with every individual. That the company you can actually see what they’re doing at a glance in real time. For an owner this is really valuable because I can look and see how we’re doing, what’s in our pipeline. We have complete insight into our customer experience from A-Z, so any problems they’ve had etcetera will be showing in CRM.

Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe because we love when you do that and it lets us know we’re doing great. Thanks and join me next time.

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