Microsoft D365 | Mobile App Sales Order and Warehouse (2023 Release Wave 2) in Business Central

Microsoft D365 | Mobile App Sales Order and Warehouse (2023 Release Wave 2) in Business Central

I want to show you some new functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central, specifically in the mobile app. Microsoft has recently added the ability to read barcodes into Business Central using the mobile app. In this demo, I’m going to enter a sales order from the Outlook client.

Outlook Integration:

Scenario: I received an email from one of my customers requesting two phones. Here’s the email, and what I want to do is go to the integration with Business Central directly from this Outlook email. I’ll click on this icon to open up contact insights and select the customer.

Sales Order Creation:

Creating a Sales Order: Next, I’ll create a new sales order within Outlook. Business Central will scan the email and determine not only who the customer might be but also which items the customer is requesting. It correctly identifies the items, and I’ll proceed to create a new sales order directly in Business Central.

Order Processing in Business Central:

Order Details: Let’s take a closer look at the created sales order. The Outlook integration automatically defines the customer and identifies the items and quantities they want to purchase. I’ll make a location adjustment to Orange, utilizing advanced warehousing features in Business Central.

Transition to Mobile App:

Business Central Mobile App: This order is already in Business Central, so I’m done with it. Now, let’s transition to the Business Central mobile app on an iPad.

Handling Serial Numbers:

Specifying Serial Numbers: First, I’ll review the order placed and then specify the serial numbers to be used on this sales order. I’ll navigate to the item tracking lines, leveraging the barcode functionality on the mobile device.

Warehouse Operations:

Warehouse Shipment: In addition to managing serial numbers, I’ll perform some warehouse transactions. Creating a warehouse shipment, I’ll get the process moving along.

Back to Business Central:

Reviewing the Order: Now, let’s go back to Business Central and take a closer look at this order.

Verification and Posting:

Verification and Posting: I’ll check the item tracking information to ensure proper mobile device entry. Everything looks good. I’ll proceed to review the warehouse shipments, post the shipment, and finally, invoice the shipped items.


Complete Business Cycle: In this demo, I showed you how to seamlessly enter a sales order in Outlook, have it automatically transferred to Business Central, and utilize new functionality in the Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app for tasks like reading serial numbers from barcodes. The entire cycle, involving Outlook, the mobile device, and Business [Music] Central, demonstrates the efficiency of integrated processes.

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