VersaPay is The First Collaborative AR Network

Seamless payment acceptance built for Microsoft Dynamics

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Collaborative AR Network

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Dynamics 365 BC
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Who is VersaPay?

Seamless payment acceptance built for Microsoft Dynamics 

Accept payments across your eCommerce, point of sale, and AR channels directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, NAV, or F&SCM with Versapay’s ChargeLogic payment solution. Access all your payments operations in one place and say goodbye to fragmented systems and stagnant data. 

Payment Processing in Microsoft Business Central: 3 Wins of Integrated Payments 

In this blog, you’ll learn how you can extend the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with integrated payments. 

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Close the AR gap 

Versapay combines industry-leading AR automation, intuitive collaboration tools, and a next-generation B2B payments network. It’s the first Collaborative AR network, helping teams deliver greater AR efficiencies, accelerated cash flow, and an unrivaled customer experience. 

How RPC Reduced Overdue Accounts by 70% to Strengthen Cash Flow 

Like many businesses, RPC’s manual AR processes and limited payment options for customers were causing too many overdue accounts. Learn how they tackled their significant backlog of past-due invoices, reduced total days overdue across all customers, and accelerated cash flow. 

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ERP Payments for Microsoft BC (Accepting Credit Card and ACH): 

  • B2B or B2C
  • Need to collect CC or ACH payments w/in Microsoft BC
  • Need “Pay Now” link options
  • Looking to save money on Credit Card fees (we can typically achieve this through interchange optimization)

Collaborative AR (Collections Management): 

  • B2B Companies that sell on terms
  • 1000 invoices+ per month
  • AR team is manually handling collections
  • Need a better way to handle invoices disputes and client collaboration for outstanding invoices
  • Need a customer portal for clients to view invoices, statements, setup autopay, and communicate regarding questions on invoices
  • Need a dashboard for AR team to monitor and communicate with clients who have outstanding invoices – dashboards will also show Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and  Average Days to Pay (ADP) – helps CFOs monitor issues w/ Cash Flow
  • ERP agnostic

Cash Application (Paper Check & Lockbox): 

  • Mostly B2B
  • High invoice volume & accepting paper checks – need a better way to match invoice/remittance data & apply cash
  • Companies with lockboxes who need automated matching and cash application
  • Companies looking for mobile check upload option for cash application
  • Companies struggling to match remittance data with checks
  • ERP agnostic