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Integrated commission, royalty, rebate, and bonus calculation solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Variable Compensation Management 

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Dynamics GP

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Who Is EthoTech? 

EthoTech is the provider of Commission Plan, a variable compensation solution integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Commission Plan enables organizations to automate the process of calculating and paying commissions, royalties, rebates, and bonuses, saving time and money while delivering error-free tracking, calculation, reporting, and payments. 

What is Commission Plan? 

Commission Plan is the only variable compensation management software solution that is completely integrated with Dynamics GP.    

This flexible, easy-to-use system allows you to create and modify commission plans, then automatically run reports and payments with just a few clicks.  

You can also get a comprehensive picture of your commission liability at any time, so you can track your payments throughout the month. 

Benefits of Commission Plan 

The primary benefits of Commission Plan are cost savings, time savings, and process improvements. 

  • Fast: Calculate, track, and process your variable compensation payments quickly. 
  • Accurate: Get error-free reporting without time-intensive manual processes. 
  • Centralized: Access the data you need in one place so you can better plan for the future. 
  • Easy: Update your compensation rules as plans change. 

What Does Commission Plan Do? 

Commission Plan was designed specifically for companies that need variable compensation management, so it can handle multiple intricacies of your structure.   

  • Variable rates for different salespeople, customers, and products  
  • Commissions based on sale, margin, quantity, sales quotas, margin quotas, or tier-based sliding scales  
  • Split commissions among salespeople   
  • Track reductions for discounts, write-offs, and aging invoices  
  • Release commissions when the invoice is posted or paid based on Salesperson  
  • Pay automatically through Dynamics GP G/L, Payables, and U.S. Payroll modules  
  • Create accrual transactions  
  • Email commission reports for manager review and distribute to individual salespeople 

Be Up and Running in Less Than a Week 

Get a working, functional system from the beginning with EthoTech’s Implementation Services, which comes bundled with Commission Plan. 

The EthoTech Team has been doing implementations for more than 20 years. Their comprehensive knowledge of variable compensation structures and Dynamics GP ensures a quick and efficient configuration.  

Get the training, personalized functionality, and documentation you need to maximize your ROI in a matter of days — not weeks or months. 

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Interested in learning more about how Commission Plan can transform your current variable compensation processes? Contact us for more information. 

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