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Integrates with Dynamics AX, GP, NAV, SL, D365 Finance & Operations.

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Document management and process automation

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Dynamics GP
Dynamics NAV

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Who is Altec Inc?

Altec is a leading provider of integrated document management and process automation solutions.  Its flagship product, DocLink, is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, and provides users with a secure, single repository to electronically store, search, retrieve and send any document securely, effectively eliminating the need to file paper documents.

DocLink connects people, processes and data to help organizations go paperless, enabling users to fully utilize and enhance their Dynamics ERP to automate any document-intensive process in AP, AR, Sales Order, Contracts, HR or any department across the entire enterprise.  Managing processes and transactions digitally will provide your organization with quantifiable ROI and competitive advantage.

Why Document Management?

The overall impact of processing, handling and storing paper documents in the workplace is astounding from a financial, environmental and resource perspective. Not only can the inefficiencies of paper-based bottlenecks be cumbersome on day-to-day operations, but the improper storage or loss of these documents can cripple or devastate a business.

DocLink allows companies to go paperless to work more effectively and efficiently. You’ll gain visibility to documents electronically to better serve your customers, get invoices paid in a timely manner and make auditing a breeze.

Do documents get lost?

Store them electronically so they can be instantly accessed from the desktop – but only by users with the appropriate security rights. Documents are stored electronically in the repository where they can be easily retrieved, routed for approval and automatically outputted in the preferred format.

Is printing, storing and shipping documents getting expensive?

Route them electronically – eliminate costs associated with storing, printing and sending paper documents and save time that is normally spent waiting for approvals or searching through file cabinets.

Have to search through files for related documents?

DocLink allows you to instantly see all documents associated with a particular order, vendor, customer, etc. and automatically send the ones your customer needs in the delivery method they requested. And with the Smart Form Toolkit, you can customize your own electronic “Smart Forms” to minimize data entry and streamline processes like Expense Reporting, HR Onboarding, Credit Card Processing, and New Vendor Requests – just to name a few.

Does it take too long to get approvals?

Set up automatic email notifications and the ability to approve documents remotely from a mobile device. When you take paper out of the equation, and you’re equipped with the right tools, the opportunities for improved efficiencies are endless!  Whether it’s the AP process, sales order processing, HR On-boarding, expense reports – you name it, and we can show you how to do it more effectively.

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  • Secure Document Storage – Track, store (any type file or format) and access documents anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • AP Integration – Simplify the matching process for purchasing invoices and the approval/coding of supplier invoices while still making those documents available from within Sage as well. Also, streamline associated processes like the approval and coding of monthly credit card statements and expense reports.
  • Workflow– Streamline any review and approval process, process, in AP, AR, HR, IT, etc.
  • Simplified Document Capture – Documents come in different formats and from lots of different sources. Capture documents from Sage simply by printing them to DocLink. DocLink also captures emails, scanned documents, faxes, barcodes, XML files and file uploads from DocLink’s mobile app. And OCR can be used to automate the capture of data from these documents.
  • Smart Forms – Configure your own DocLink windows for processing and approving your documents, or to create new documents (like expense reports, new vendor requests, check request, purchase order requisitions, etc.).
  • Mobile Access – Allow your team to securely access, approve, and capture documents instantly on their mobile devices. Searching for documents on a phone or tablet has never been easier.
  • Automated Delivery – Schedule and automatically distribute documents to your customers and suppliers. DocLink can even find any supporting documents and include them using the preferred delivery method.

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