MS Dynamics ERP Add-Ons Special Offers

MS Dynamics ERP Add-Ons Special Offers | July 2018

– Up to 15% OFF of our top ERP add-ons –

MS Dynamics ERP Add-Ons Special Offers

Offer expires on July 31, 2018

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July 2018 | Budgeting with MS Dynamics

Are you still budgeting on spreadsheets?

Budgeting modules provide your organization with a complete data entry interface to capture strategies, goals, budgets, forecasts, and what-if scenario models. There are budgeting software add-ons to your Dynamics software that will allow you to automate many of the time consuming and error prone tasks associated with budgeting.

Let us help you take the pain out of budgeting! We are offering 15% off some of our best budgeting software partners! Let us see if one is right for you.

Our selection of Budgeting Add-ons for your ERP

BI360 by Solver | Read more >

Solver provides BI360, the leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software suite for companies of all sizes.

Solver specializes in providing world-class financial reporting, budgeting, and analysis with push-button access to all data sources that drive company-wide profitability.

Budget Maestro by Centage | Read more >

With so much flexibility and financial intelligence built-in, Budget Maestro will transform the way you develop and use key financial data.

Budget Maestro budgeting and planning software products let you concentrate on the structure and performance of your business, not on troubleshooting spreadsheets.

Dynamic Budgets | Read more >

The more efficient your collections system, the greater your profit margin. Dynamic Budgets, technology partner, was developed to be a cost-effective, budgeting solution which can be configured in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or months.

Key Features: Budgeting / Forecasting / Payroll Module / Fixed & Variable Allocations Module, Self-service lookups for end users to retrieve accounting data (financial summaries, sub-ledgers, transactions) / Multi-company support / Global Variables / In-line approval workflow / Revision tracking with optional audit trails /Direct budget export to ERP to facilitate reporting from Microsoft Management Reporter or FRx / Scripts available to automatically synchronize lookups, and export budgets to the ERP / Convenient reporting within the application / Research and annotate budget vs actual variances / Cash Flow