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ERP software is undeniably valuable, but hosting it yourself can become an expensive distraction. Migrating to Microsoft Azure can enhance your ERP software’s effectiveness and usefulness, as well as helping to cut costs and increase the bottom line. Cloud-based computing services are nothing new. Microsoft Azure is one of the most comprehensive platforms available. It offers companies a full range of services that are easy to access and user-friendly, whether you want to set up a website, create a database, maintain and administer projects, or even develop, deploy and support your own applications. You don’t have to be an IT professional to use Microsoft Azure and software developers and IT specialists love the wide range of programming languages, operating systems, databases, frameworks, and devices it supports because they are the same technologies the majority of the IT industry uses and is already comfortable with.

Microsoft designed Azure to facilitate compatibility between applications

Communication between databases, mobile apps, websites, and any number of other services is essentially seamless. What’s more, Microsoft Azure is an ideal cloud platform for the Microsoft Dynamics line of ERP software, such as Dynamics 365Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, or Dynamics NAV. These cloud based solutions running on Microsoft Azure are easily customizable, automating the process of scaling up or down to meet your ever-evolving business needs. That flexibility alone is a money-saver, because you only pay for what you use. Accessing Dynamics ERP on Azure has the same exact functionality as the On Premise version of Microsoft Dynamics, however it may be accessed by URL via any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

Simply put, by implementing a cloud ERP platform, every facet of the business, from human resources (HR), product planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing can be managed by on-site, in the field or on the road.

Microsoft is the Only Cloud Platform to Provide the Cloud Quadruple Play

Of course, being able to remotely access systems, data, projects, and more using laptops, tablets, and smartphones is a plus, but not every business wants or needs everything to be in the Cloud. With Microsoft Dynamics, that’s OK. As with many Cloud providers, you can choose between on-site deployment or the Cloud, but Azure offers a unique third choice. When you go hybrid, you get to use both platforms and can decide which items to keep On Premise, such as key programs and sensitive data, and put the rest in the cloud on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is the only cloud platform to provide the cloud quadruple play, delivering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, as well as the on-premises software to build a hybrid cloud. It is evident that Microsoft is best positioned to serve the cloud needs of conventional business customers.

As of late 2015, Microsoft has data centers in 19 regions and counting, rapidly growing their data footprint behind their annual investment of $10 billion per year, putting them ahead of competitors like Amazon and Google. Some Azure numbers of note that continue to grow by day are:

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  • 80% of the Fortune 500 are on the Microsoft Cloud
  • 40% of Azure revenue comes from Startups and ISV’s
  • Adding more than 90,000 Azure customers each month
  • 1.4 million SQL databases in Azure
  • Windows Azure Active Directory has handled 400 billion plus identity authentications
  • 3,200 Azure MarketPlace applications
  • Plans to expand its Azure data centers into 5 more regions, bringing it to a total of 24 regions by 2016

Microsoft Azure Will Change the Way You Do Business

Backing all those numbers up with the world’s leading software – Microsoft Office, which has 1.2 billion users worldwide, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, etc. you can see why Microsoft is a Unified Platform for your entire business. With all those possibilities at your fingertips along with Microsoft’s industry-leading privacy controls and its commitment to protect your data, Microsoft Azure is the revolutionary Cloud platform that will permanently change the way you do business.


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