Dynamics GP’s Final Chapter
and What Lies Ahead

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eBook - Beyond The Horizon - Dynamics GP’s Final Chapter and What Lies Ahead

Quote Icon ebook The implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central resulted in an average increase in operations productivity of 10% and, organizations were able to avoid hiring additional finance and operations staff, reducing the need to hire by an average of 10%, including a high ROI of 162%.”

— Forrester -The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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It’s important to understand that while you have the option to remain on GP today, over 95% of businesses will shift to Business Central (BC) Online in the next 2-3 years. In fact, research indicates that over 40% of GP users are targeting 2026 for their migration to Business Central. This implies a surge in migrations by 2026, meaning those who delay until the last minute will face resource competition, team stress, and tight timelines.

The urgency to migrate is also underscored by Microsoft’s strategic shift, aligning with the goal of offering an end-to-end cloud stack of products and services. This includes Dynamics 365 Business Central, CRM, Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure, PowerPlatform, CoPilot, etc., all designed to seamlessly integrate for a collaborative and productive advantage in businesses. If not seamlessly integrated, companies may experience difficulties in troubleshooting.

Check out our e-book, Beyond the Horizon – Dynamics GP’s Final Chapter and What Lies Ahead, to discover:

  • Chapter 1 | Dynamics GP’s End of Life (What This Means for Dynamics GP Users? – When to migrate and what to expect?)
  • Chapter 2 | Dynamics GP’s Replacement (Microsoft’s ERP Evolution – The Dynamics GP to Business Central Path)
  • Chapter 3 | Prepare for Business Central (Industries BC – How to Prepare for a Migration – Business Process Review)
  • Chapter 4 | Hear from ex-Dynamics GP Users (What ex-GP Users are Saying About BC – Partnering with TMC)
Mike Morton

“Microsoft will continue releasing GP regulatory and security updates, but the Oct 2022 release was the last release adding other new features. BC will be the focus of Microsoft’s investments in the SMB segment.”

Mike Morton – VP of Business Central at Microsoft