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Where to Go with your Dynamics ERP Implementation partner After Your First 18 Months?

Is Phase 1 really complete?

It’s been 18 months, so you should be up and running on your ERP software and checked off some critical boxes in your implementation plan. Phase 1 is typically intended to build a solid foundation, so that any future Phase 2 (or 3, 4 ……) will be stable, and can leverage the work done in Phase 1.

Once Phase is 1 is (truly) complete, it is time for Phase 2. Let’s Review What Should Be Completed By This Point.


Where your Dynamics ERP system should be after the first 18 months of an implementation?

If you can’t check off all the boxes in this list…
You probably should be looking for a new partner that can help support you and accomplish those goals.

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TMC President

“Companies change their ERP Partner mainly because of lack of support, the need to move to the cloud, larger projects their current partner can’t support, lack of specific industry expertise by their current partner, etc. It is usually around 1-2 years a Dynamics customer will stick with their current partner if things aren’t “going well” before they plan on making a change. Mainly because it’s all too new and too expensive to make a move before that.”

Jennifer Harris, TMC President