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Don’t wait! Expires February 28th, 2018

FREE Dynamics 365 Business Edition SWAG:

1st Month of Subscription (up to 5 user licenses)
1 Hour of Business Processes Assessment
1 Hour of Business Needs Assessment

Want a free trial?

Here you go – get the first month free, for up to 5 users, so you can figure out with Dynamics 365 Business Edition is the software for you and your company.

Do I need a Business Process Assessment? 

A Business Process Assessment (BPA) helps both you and use understand your current cycle of business operations. This allows us to better understand what type of software best suits your situation or whether something can be optimized.

 So why do I also need a Business Needs Assessment?

The current state of affairs isn’t always the best. A Business Needs Assessment (BNA) takes the BPA one step further by allowing us to gather more information and subsequently identify areas of improvement, as well as offer solutions.

With the BPA and BNA done, you are on your merry way to implementation.

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