A consumer, such as the health care industry, often needs to get the best Microsoft Dynamics partner to make the most of the purchase and receive prompt and right support while using Microsoft products and services. It would be best if they had a Dynamics partner who will stand with you all the steps of the way as they understand the software and health care needs. A Dynamics 365 partner helps Microsoft to resell and support customers who use the Microsoft 365 suite. So why should the health care industry get a Dynamics 365 partner?

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

Business planning used to be handled by humans in the relevant department, and extracting information from one department to another was just hectic. ERP is a business management software that integrates all the day-to-day activities of different departments for decision-making by the entire firm. 
Customers can buy and get support from a Dynamic ERP partner when choosing to buy the Dynamics 365 software from a certified and licensed partner. You need a partner that can help you streamline a business and understand the software’s inner workings to bring out the best for all.

Hospitals and health care providers are continually seeking ways to improve information flow to boost operational efficiency.  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is such a program that significantly improves the quality of services in health care. 

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Streamlines Health Care Services

ERP technology is a proven beneficial technology in health care. Here are several ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM contributes to streamlining health care services. 

  • Efficient patient history records

    Patients cringe at the “what brings you in,” question at the receptionist desk. Microsoft Dynamic’s program ensures centralized access to complete patient histories including all previous appointments and referrals. 

  • Focused patient education

    Keeping patients up-to-date on information about their conditions and diagnoses is a priority in health care. Microsoft Dynamics can be configured for automated educational campaigns such as email newsletters with relevant, valuable information for patients. 

  • Remote patient monitoring

    Patients confined at home with portable wearable medical devices can be monitored remotely through the Dynamics CRM. Alerts can be configured for specific vital sign thresholds, enabling staff to be proactive with treatment recommendations. 

  • Incorporation of additional patient information

    While the EHR lists diagnoses and treatments, the Dynamics CRM can round out a patient’s profile with other information such as lifestyle choices and other factors. This information enhances the total patient snapshot for medical professionals. 

  • Platform for communication

    Efficient communication between the medical team and the patient is an essential part of care. The Dynamics CRM provides a platform for these communications detailing information such as treatment updates and upcoming tasks in real-time. The CRM also is used to build care plans unique to each patient and allocates them to the appropriate team members. This cuts down on errors and contributes to positive outcomes. 

  • Assistance in personnel recruitment

    Tools are also included in Dynamics CRM to help ensure efficient recruitment of new medical personnel. 


ERP software improves the delivery of quality health care through efficient information flow. By integrating an ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics into their facilities, medical providers will realize improved productivity and enhanced information flow between team members and patients. 

A Dynamics 365 partner is more than just a software reseller; the partners have advanced tools to manage the customers’ Dynamics 365 environments. The partners can help manage emailing and most of the day-to-day affairs of the business.

Technology Management Concepts is a Microsoft Dynamics partner that assists health care organizations in streamlining processes and increasing productivity.

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