Dynamics 365 Sales helps your customer service to become a strong competitive advantage for your business. With this solution, you can enable your organization to engage customers and empower your team. You can also turn simple interactions into life-long relationships by offering seamless service to your customers.

Do you want to improve service, without working harder? Read on to find out how.

24/7 Self-service

Technology is transforming the way customer service is being delivered. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales empowers agents with all the resources they need to provide fast and effective service.

Empower Teams

Is your goal to help your team work better together by supporting team collaboration? Dynamics 365 Sales empowers your teams with the unified technology they need to deliver seamless, personalized experiences. Your teams can utilize the relevance search to provide related and most appropriate articles/insights. They can also collaborate more effectively with Teams chat, online meetings, co-authoring, and sharing files securely.

Agile Service Delivery

Dynamics 365 Sales is the perfect tool for end-to-end management of your business processes. It helps improve resource productivity through combined workflow automation and scheduling algorithms. This connects the applications, enabling them to work together seamlessly. Microsoft Dynamics 265 Sales (CRM) can also suggest the most active customers by watching out for the previous record.

Service Anytime, Anywhere

Provide more personalized services to your customers and reduce admin tasks with Dynamics 365. It offers all the tools you require – from predictive maintenance to optimized work order. You’ll resolve issues before they happen, drive down operational costs, and improve the onsite experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales helps maximize customer satisfaction and improve productivity. At Technology Management Concepts, we are delighted to offer you a suite of capabilities to ensure your business can deliver the best customer service. We will show you how you can use rich insights to resolve cases faster and proactively serve agent suggestions.

What can you do with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice now includes built-in integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, enabling users to view 360-degree customer profiles when following up on customer feedback issues. Customer Voice includes templates for common customer feedback scenarios, including a periodic customer survey template created by Forrester Research.

Measure KPIs

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice includes satisfaction metrics to measure KPIs from the survey such as Net Promoter Score or NPS. When a customer submits a survey response, the score is calculated. If the score falls within the detractor category, Customer Voice automatically creates an alert.

For example, you can send a survey to a list of customers by importing a list of contacts. Then, you can simulate a customer filling out the survey and providing lower satisfaction scores. The survey response results in NPS scores and triggers an alert. Opening the alert provides deeper insights into the customer’s information and satisfaction metric score. You can then monitor all satisfaction metrics and alerts generated by low NPS scores.

Customer Insights

This latest release includes integration with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights so you can get a complete view of the customer and their activities across all your business applications, helping you make the right follow-up actions.

All Customer Voice activities are available in Customer Insights, including follow-up actions enabling richer customer profiles. The customer feedback data can also be used for generating dynamic segments, so other apps like Marketing can make the right actions such as sending promotions to specific customers. Moreover, you can engage with customers more effectively by understanding what drives their satisfaction.

With Customer Insights integration, users gain quick simplified access to relevant customer detail in order to take more effective follow-up actions, as well as send information back to Customer Insights, providing richer insights about your customer. Contact us to get started.