Microsoft is always on the frontline to offer solutions to challenges affecting every industry. Their new shared innovations help pursue some of the best practices to deliver modern patient care and experiences. Let’s see how.


How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps the Healthcare Industry

The evolution in technology continues to transform healthcare facilities. There is an increased need for automation and high demand to enhance parent experiences with value-based care. The entire ecosystem of technology used in the industry is patient-centric, leaving no room for errors.

One recent survey indicates that about 93% of patients require timely access to all their medical records. It means you don’t have to be with them physically to give them the required information. Another 71% say that they expect their healthcare specialist to offer a mutually-agreed digital channel;- where they can communicate about their health and decisions on their treatment.

All these reasons require every healthcare facility to have real-time access to patient data. It will help to identify the appropriate times that you offer services while supporting patients between appointments. The goal for all these is to drive better health outcomes and provide a great customer experience.

By leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, businesses enjoy a feature-rich software system that they can use to achieve fast integration and seamless flow of information.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust tool with efficient solutions required in the healthcare industry. It provides a 360-degree view of patients that helps offer personalized services and break down internal systems and database relationships.

The benefits healthcare organizations receive when using Dynamics 365 are abundant. You will manage staff members and patients with ease.  They also get seamless access to information they require in a highly secured and supervised environment. The facilities also get accurate real-time data performance metrics that help to improve services.

The solution is cloud-native, meaning it is readily accessible using any device at any time of day. Users can get information remotely, allowing their clients to have fast access to their data.

Additionally, here is a list of the top reasons every facility should consider using the Dynamics 365 platform to offer excellent health services and patient experience.


Easy Management of Purchase and Inventory

Every healthcare organization requires effective control and visibility over its purchase commitments. They get thousands of individual inventory items that, without proper management, would lead to disruptions.

Microsoft Dynamics has an effective inventory management system. It helps organize on-hand inventory with instant visibility of orders, invoices, requisitions, purchasing controls, and mobile approvals. It also allows for automated processing of documents to eliminate errors due to redundancy.


Provides a Strong Integration Platform

Healthcare organizations can rely on the integration capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It integrates with virtually any systems used in the facility. You can create integrations with payroll providers, banks, clinical solutions, and all aspects of your systems. These integrations are effective since they are instant, seamless, and highly reliable.


Has Both Cloud On-Premise Deployment Options

The use of the cloud in the digital world is popular, and almost every organization looks forward to its implementation. Microsoft cloud comes with services you can quickly scale up or down whenever required as the data centers are in total control of Microsoft. You will handle both on-premise and cloud data when using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.


All these are just a few benefits Microsoft Dynamics brings to your healthcare organization. It is more than just a CRM and ERP solution since it transforms how you deliver services and has many innovative solutions.

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