Each year since 2016, Technology Management Concepts (TMC) extends its support and contributions to RadNet, their ERP partner of 8+ years. The collaboration between RadNet and TMC commenced in 2015 with the implementation of Dynamics GP and has since evolved to hosting their software system on Azure Cloud. This partnership has grown beyond a business relationship; RadNet has become a cherished friend of TMC.

TMC upholds continuous support by participating each year in RadNet’s charitable golf tournament fundraiser for the Cancer Research Collaboration Foundation. The Cancer Research Collaboration (CRC) aims to foster innovation and approaches in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. By collaborating with researchers, healthcare institutions, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and nonprofit partners, CRC strives to discover a cure and develop more efficient therapies.

This year’s tournament held a special significance. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Brett participated, playing alongside one of our clients, Mitch Sussman from Jobar, who remarkably achieved one of the highest scores throughout the event, earning recognition and even a prize! It was a unique and enjoyable experience to hear participants discuss how this fundraiser has directly impacted their cancer research endeavors.

One remarkable story that touched our hearts centered around breast cancer research. The Cancer Research Collaboration (CRC) used the funds from this event to support vital breast cancer research. Knowing that our charitable contributions are helping to advance breast cancer research was a deeply rewarding feeling, reinforcing the purpose behind our philanthropy efforts.

The event also featured auctions to further bolster the fundraiser. TMC is committed to supporting our community, and it adds a profound sense of purpose to our work. When we witness the tangible difference our contributions make, it reinforces our belief that what we do is meaningful and contributes to making the world a better place.

“It’s always great to be a part of what Radnet is doing in fighting cancer and raising cancer awareness to so many people. The folks we met there are making a difference and impacting countless lives.”

-Matt C. | Account Manager

“While we derive satisfaction from assisting our clients in optimizing their software systems, streamlining their operations, and fostering their growth, our client relationships extend far beyond these objectives. We also stand by our clients outside the corporate environment, actively engaging in diverse initiatives such as philanthropic events like RadNet’s Cancer Research Collaboration Fundraiser. Volunteering, fundraising, and contributing to noble causes, like this event, are sources of great pride for TMC and are woven into the very fabric of our company’s identity.”

-Brett H. | VP of Sales & Marketing

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