At TMC, we value our people as our greatest asset! Each year we hold a company retreat to celebrate our accomplishments, bond as a team and envision a future together. 

This year, we had a three-day retreat in sunny Redondo Beach, California, where we enjoyed some fun activities and learned from each other. We had dinners and barhopped, and competitive beach games to mingle with our colleagues and get to know each other better. 

“I love our retreats because they provide a great opportunity to connect with my teammates and learn from other departments. As a marketer, collaborating with different departments is essential, so being able to connect in person makes it more comfortable for me to work with my colleagues. I always come back feeling energized and ready to take on new challenges.”

Miranda | Content Specialist 

One of the highlights of our retreat is our yearly presentations. We kicked off the day with a motivational speech from our President and CEO, Jennifer Harris, setting the stage for our achievement this year. The theme this year was “The Right Product with the Right Team at the Right Time,” where Copilot was featured and our One Team mantra was emphasized. 

Our team presentations were more creative and innovative this year than ever before. Our teams used various fun ideas to show their plan to keep our excellence and enhance our services. Each team collaborated to present a talk show with Dynamics 365 Business Central, CRM, Azure and Copilot as performance elements. They included acting, singing and even a gameshow for the audience. 

“The highlight of our retreats have always been being able to spend quality time with coworkers and learning something new about them even after knowing them for 10-15 years on a deep & personal level. In addition to that, our team presentations have evolved over the years, becoming more competitive and elevated. Each department has showcased their skills, expertise, and goals for the coming year in a clever and entertaining way, pushing each other to do better. This speaks volumes about what we do for our clients—if we’re doing this internally for something meant to be fun, it reflects our commitment to excellence for our clients.”

– Brett | VP of Sales & Marketing 

We also had a CEO advisor who guided us in maximizing our strengths through StrengthsFinder tests. She helped us identify our unique talents and how to leverage them for our personal and professional development. 

“With our rapid growth in the past few years, I think it is more important than ever before to create opportunities to connect in person, immerse in our culture and find ways to strengthen our collaboration. During this year’s retreat, we had a big focus on learning about each other’s strengths and approach when it comes to working as a group. I was fascinated with the Strength Finder Test that helped us  identify different ways to approach a challenge and understand how to tap into an each other’s strength towards a common goal. It was really insightful and motivating to learn that we can all contribute to TMC’s success.”

Roland | Marketing Manager 

Our retreats are more than just a reward for our hard work, they are also an inspiration for the next year and a team-building opportunity. Jennifer Harris values the importance of in-person communication, especially in this era of technology and remote work. She says that it creates a sense of community and connection that cannot be replicated virtually, which is why our team looks forward to these retreats each year.  

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